Ultra Violet OG Seeds

If you’ve ever partied in Seattle, you’ve probably smoked Ultra Violet OG Seeds. This strain, originally from the Purple Indica family, became a favorite in the late 1980s. Archives Seed Bank bred Ultra Violet OG by crossing the female Purple Indica with the male Face Off OG. Ultra Violet OG has moderately high THC levels, a sweet earthy flavor, and relaxing effects.

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Ultra Violet OG – Indica Or Sativa

Growing cannabis with Ultra Violet OG seeds is reminiscent of Seattle’s party scene in the late ’80s. The strain first became popular in Seattle after being bred from a female Purple Indica and a male, Face Off OG. With a moderately high THC content and sweet earthy flavor, Ultra Violet OG has a relaxing effect on the user.

This strain has a relaxing and sedative effect on the body, which is good news for anyone suffering from insomnia. The effects of this strain can also relieve pain and other symptoms that make you feel groggy and lethargic. This strain is also great for easing symptoms of glaucoma and intraocular pressure. However, you should always make sure that you do your research before trying any strain.

The strain is an indica-dominant cross of Purple Indica and Face Off OG. With a THC content of 16-20%, this cannabis strain is a perfect nighttime smoke. This strain also yields higher than other cannabis strains. This strain is best grown indoors as the plant does not do well in cold or damp conditions. This is an ideal choice for those looking for a cannabis strain with a high yield.

The high from this marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Users can experience a cerebral high, which is accompanied by a sedative effect. Some people also report feeling “heavy” after smoking Ultra Violet OG. In addition, this marijuana strain helps patients deal with anxiety and stress. You can’t go wrong with either strain, as they both have some unique traits.

For indoor growers, Ultra Violet OG is the perfect choice. It does not grow well in cold or hot temperatures, and it does not like extreme temperatures. Its dense buds can weigh 500 grams. Harvesting time is mid-September through early October, and its mold-resistant qualities make it a great choice for sunny, humid conditions. If you are in doubt as to which strain to grow, consider a hybrid with these traits.

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Ultra Violet OG Seeds Indoor

If you’re looking for a new strain to grow indoors, look no further than Ultra Violet OG cannabis seeds. This strain is a cross of Purple Indica and Face Off OG, and boasts high THC levels ranging from sixteen to twenty percent. Unlike some strains that are more sativa-like, Ultra Violet OG is an indica-leaning hybrid, and grows to a modest 150 cm tall. Its effects are subtle at first, but will build with each successive puff.

This strain’s growth cycle is relatively short, taking about 21 to 23 weeks from seed to harvest. It takes longer to reach the seedling stage, so be patient. The Ultra Violet OG plant will veg for eight to ten weeks before flowering, and it will be ready for harvest by October. The yields are medium, averaging around twelve ounces per plant. This variety is a great choice for indoor growing, but is also subject to pests.

When growing Ultra Violet OG, it’s best to use soil that is rich in bio-organics. This helps boost the terpene profile of the plants, making them more flavorful and aromatic. You can also use a hydroponic system to get precise nutrition for your plants. When grown indoors, Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds will flower in nine weeks, and will produce approximately 12.5 oz. per square meter.

If you’re interested in growing this indica variety indoors, consider growing it in rock wool or soil. If you’re a hydro grower, consider starting with a half-strength solution and transplanting the plants once they’re big enough. As a bonus, this strain’s strong aromas will last for six months or more. If you’re a beginner, consider trying out Ultra Violet OG with low-nitrogen soil first.

A dominant Indica hybrid, Ultra Violet OG starts with a hazy head buzz. It then moves to a deep and relaxing state. Its citrus and floral undertones help clear the mind and improve motivation. This feminized strain has a high yield for an Indica-feminized hybrid. It also offers a sweet, herbal taste and a pleasant aroma. It’s a great plant for the early afternoon or evening.

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Ultra Violet OG Seeds Outdoor

Grow Ultra Violet OG Seeds Outdoor and benefit from their easy to manage, fast-growing nature. These feminized marijuana seeds need high levels of light and low humidity, which is why they thrive in Northern Hemisphere climates. Those in humid climates, however, should consider sowing their seeds in a greenhouse. Ultra Violet OG plants do not grow as tall as indoor varieties, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of producing dense buds. In fact, you can harvest Ultra Violet OG marijuana plants in late September and early October. In addition to being very mold resistant, Ultra Violet OG plants will also thrive in humid climates.

Plant Ultra Violet OG Seeds Outdoor in a cool, dark place that receives filtered, natural light. It will take up to nine weeks to fully mature. Once you’ve planted Ultra Violet OG seeds, you should check them every 12-24 hours. They will finish in late September and yield seven to ten ounces of high-quality cannabis. The Ultra Violet OG has an earthy, mango-scented, and potent stone.

The smell of this indica-dominant strain is strong and pungent with pleasant undertones of violets and apricots. In addition to its pleasant scent, it also has a taste that is pleasantly sweet with hints of pine and damp soil. Its effects on the body and mind are gradual and noticeable, but growers report feeling relaxed after consuming it. The high from Ultra Violet OG has a slightly pungent aftertaste.

In addition to being 420-friendly, Ultra Violet OG grows incredibly fast. It has high levels of THC, consistently testing in the 19% to 21% range. It has an extremely short flowering time and the hardiness of many landraces from Northern America. The Ultra Violet OG strains also produce stunning buds. This strain is an excellent choice for growing marijuana outdoors. The high level of THC in Ultra Violet marijuana seeds is up to 24%, which is above the average in the cannabis world.

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The ultra violet OG strain has a powerful appetite-stimulating effect, and is also highly sedative. It can be a good alternative for those who suffer from chronic pain. Its high THC content can relieve pain and relax the body and relieve anxiety, while its CBD content may help treat certain conditions. Just remember to use caution when consuming Ultra Violet OG Seeds Outdoor. They may cause adverse reactions such as headaches and dizziness.

Ultra Violet OG Strain Yield Results

If you’re growing your cannabis outdoors, you can start with Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds. These are ideal for Northern Hemisphere regions. This strain requires low humidity and plenty of sunlight to thrive. If your climate is prone to rain, consider sowing your seeds in a greenhouse. While it doesn’t stretch as far outdoors, you can still achieve high yields if you follow some important cultivation tips. Trimming is important, so remove any dead parts of the plants.

One of the main advantages of Ultra Violet OG marijuana seeds is their strong euphoria. This strain is known for its euphoric high, which is often accompanied by increased focus and clarity. Growers report that Ultra Violet OG provides a mellow, yet uplifting high. It also helps patients with depression and stress. While the effects are powerful, they’re short-lived.

When comparing the yield of Ultra Violet OG seeds, make sure to check the THC and CBD content. These two strains produce buds that contain a high concentration of THC, making them perfect for less experienced marijuana users. Their high levels will give you a peaceful, sedating feeling without the high-potency high. You’ll probably want to start small and monitor the yields every week.

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