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Red Diesel

10 seeds: 49.99$ Growth in volume and potency while maintaining this distinctive Red Diesel flavor. This tall plant…

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Morning Glory

10 seeds: 39.99$ In a period of flowering of around 10 weeks, huge buds are formed in…

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Laughing Buddha

10 seeds: 52.99$ As its flowering period is long, it develops an intense and spacious height with…

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Crimea Blue

10 seeds: 35.99$ The Blue Crimea has a pineapple flavor and a long lasting psychoactive effect. Ideal for…

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Super Critical Feminized

10 seeds: 44.99$ Super Critical is a Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow poly hybrid that finishes flowering in…

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Great White Shark Feminized

10 seeds: 54.99$ This Super Skunk x White Widow hybrid combines the best traits of both strains:…

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Damn Sour Feminized

10 seeds: 49.99$ Damm Sour is a hybrid of marihuana indica-sativa created from the famous Sage’n Sour variety ….

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Cheese Feminized

10 seeds: 39.99$ The flavor of CHEESE is intense, earthy, very dominant. Effect: hard sensation of stone stone,…

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Bubba Kush Feminized

10 seeds: 49.99$ The new variety of BUBBA KUSH is the result of the cross between a…

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Malana Bomb Automatic Feminized

10 seeds: 59.99$ The beautiful Himalaya Charas plants, destined there for hatchery production, crossed and stabilized with…